Watch Wasp-Men From Mars! On Vimeo

For Suzie, James, and Timmy, it’s the end of the world.
And that’s before aliens invade Earth.

Watch the sci-fi short film Wasp-Men From Mars!, now on Vimeo.

It starts in 1959 with three teenagers on a stargazing trip that turns into an evening of heartbreak, jealousy, and sexual confusion — and then giant wasps from outer space invade Earth and make things even worse. The teens need to put their feelings aside to survive the night. (These are teenagers we’re talking about.)

Starring Ashley Rose McKenna, Diogo Hausen, and Chris Markle. Produced by Tora Chung. Written and directed by Gerrit Thompson.

Wasp-Men in Retro Black & White!

Wasp-Men in Full Color!