New Rewards!

We’ve introduced some new rewards for our Kickstarter, including t-shirts!


You’ve asked for them, now we’re offering them — we’ve added new reward tiers for Wasp-Men From Mars! t-shirts, featuring the cool teaser poster illustration:

$75 – T-SHIRT! Get a Wasp-Men T-shirt, plus HD download, wallpapers, postcard, and a “Thank You” online and in the film credits. (Please note that the DVD and Blu-Ray is NOT included.)

$125 – ULTIMATE FAN PACK! – Get a Wasp-Men T-shirt, poster (your choice of autographed or non-autographed), DVD or Blu-Ray (your choice), HD download, desktop wallpaper, postcard, and Thank Yous on Twitter and in the film credits.

$180 – SKYPE + T-SHIRT. Get all of the rewards available at the existing $150/Skype reward tier, but now with a t-shirt.

If you’ve selected one of the $200 or $400 Party Packages, you can add a t-shirt to your reward by adding $40 to your contribution. After you adjust your contribution, please send us a message via Kickstarter that you want a t-shirt added to your reward.

If you selected one of the $500+ rewards, then we’ll throw in a t-shirt for free.


Everyone who contributes, from $1 on up, gets a free wallpaper for their mobile phone and/or tablet featuring the teaser poster illustration.

And we want to see how good the wallpaper looks on your device. Tweet a screen capture with the hashtag #WaspMenWallpaper and we’ll retweet it for all our followers to see.


We’re planning to make multiple Wasp-Men costumes for the film, and now we’re offering a second costume to one lucky contributor for only $1500! It will be one of the full-body rubber monster costumes made by our FX costume and makeup artist, Julian Bonfiglio, who made it all the way to the final 4 on the latest season of Syfy’s Face Off. You’ll get all of the lower-level rewards, including a t-shirt.

So head on over to our Kickstarter and check it all out!