Julian Bonfiglio Joins Wasp-Men From Mars!

We’re thrilled to announce that the monster costumes for Wasp-Men From Mars! will be created by none other than Julian Bonfiglio.

Julian Bonfiglio
Julian Bonfiglio

Julian is a San Francisco Bay Area-based special-effects makeup designer and costume creator whose creative talents have been realized on the screen, the latest being a key contributor to Johnny Depp’s ‘Tonto’ in The Lone Ranger. Julian completed Cinema Makeup School’s Master Course and can be seen on the latest season of the competition special-effects reality show Face Off, currently airing on Syfy.

“I’m really interested with the idea of these wasp creatures,” said Bonfiglio. “It makes me think back to the Predator creature suit. I’ve always wanted to do creatures like that. So I really want to jump on this project to help bring this to life.”

Check out Julian’s Face Off contestant page.

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