Gerrit Thompson

Writer and Director. Gerrit is a San Francisco-based independent filmmaker. His first short film, A House of Ill Fame, has been shown at film festivals in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Portland. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Sonoma State University and a Master of Arts in English from California State University, Sacramento. 

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Tora Chung

Producer. Tora has worked on everything from indie shorts for the 48-Hour Film Festival to big-budget studio features like Superbad and Syriana. Before that she worked in development and events production for the San Francisco, Mill Valley and Sundance Film Festivals. She majored in Comparative Literature and minored in Film at Smith College and UC Berkeley. 

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Van Dyke Roth

Production Designer. Van is an award-winning creative professional currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area with his family. An executive and marketer by profession, he also writes and directs short films as well as contributes his designs and art to help fellow film makers bring their visions to life. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the Academy of Art, and a Bachelor of Science from San Jose State.

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Julian Bonfiglio

Special Effects Costume and Makeup Artist. Julian is a San Francisco Bay Area-based special-effects makeup designer and costume creator whose creative talents have been realized on the screen, the latest being a key contributor to Johnny Depp’s ‘Tonto’ for The Lone Ranger. Julian completed Cinema Makeup School’s Master Course and can be seen on the latest season of the competition special-effects reality show Face Off, currently airing on Syfy. 

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