Our Next Short Film: Visitations

Wasp-Men From Mars! is still making its way through film festivals, but we’re already on to our next short film: Visitations.

Visitations is a story about pursuing one’s passions no matter how scary things can get.

A talented young illustrator becomes obsessed with books on the supernatural. The stories inspire her art but they also fill her nights with dread as she hears noises inside her walls and feels something unnatural lurking outside her window. As her life is invaded by the unknown, she must decide whether her art is worth the nightmares as she approaches a breaking point.

The film shoots this summer and we’re expecting to complete it by October. The crew is made up of members from the Scary Cow filmmaking cooperative.

While we don’t want to overhype this, but the film has a really cool alien in it designed by Dave Haaz-Baroque of Shadow Circus Creature Theatre.

Clips of the alien puppet in progress can be seen on the @creaturetheatre Instagram page.

We’re currently raising money to help with the production through GoFundMe. If you were a fan of Wasp-Men, please consider supporting our next movie.