Watch Wasp-Men From Mars! On Vimeo

For Suzie, James, and Timmy, it’s the end of the world.
And that’s before aliens invade Earth.

Watch the sci-fi short film Wasp-Men From Mars!, now on Vimeo.

It starts in 1959 with three teenagers on a stargazing trip that turns into an evening of heartbreak, jealousy, and sexual confusion — and then giant wasps from outer space invade Earth and make things even worse. The teens need to put their feelings aside to survive the night. (These are teenagers we’re talking about.)

Starring Ashley Rose McKenna, Diogo Hausen, and Chris Markle. Produced by Tora Chung. Written and directed by Gerrit Thompson.

Wasp-Men in Retro Black & White!

Wasp-Men in Full Color!

Wasp-Man Head Sculpt, Plus Concept Art

Over the weekend, Julian sent us some photos of the work that he’s done on the Wasp-Man’s head. It’s still in progress, but since Julian posted the photos on Twitter, we thought we’d share them with you, too. This is a rough sculpt; the teeth are not final and it does not include the mandibles, which will be sculpted separately.

Julian’s fellow Face Off contestant Adam Milicevic created some Wasp-Men concept art for Julian a few months ago, back when we were trying to nail down the final look of the monster. Adam posted some of the concepts on Twitter earlier today. The final Wasp-Man costume will be a combination of many elements from Adam’s designs.

Why Make Wasp-Men From Mars?

Why do we want to make Wasp-Men From Mars? Watch writer/director Gerrit Thompson, special effects costume and makeup artist Julian Bonfiglio, director of photography Kevin Jones, production designer Van Dyke Roth, and classic sci-fi consultant Joe Sikoryak talk about what attracted them to the short film.

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