Our Next Short Film: Visitations

Wasp-Men From Mars! is still making its way through film festivals, but we’re already on to our next short film: Visitations.

Visitations is a story about pursuing one’s passions no matter how scary things can get.

A talented young illustrator becomes obsessed with books on the supernatural. The stories inspire her art but they also fill her nights with dread as she hears noises inside her walls and feels something unnatural lurking outside her window. As her life is invaded by the unknown, she must decide whether her art is worth the nightmares as she approaches a breaking point.

The film shoots this summer and we’re expecting to complete it by October. The crew is made up of members from the Scary Cow filmmaking cooperative.

While we don’t want to overhype this, but the film has a really cool alien in it designed by Dave Haaz-Baroque of Shadow Circus Creature Theatre.

Clips of the alien puppet in progress can be seen on the @creaturetheatre Instagram page.

We’re currently raising money to help with the production through GoFundMe. If you were a fan of Wasp-Men, please consider supporting our next movie.

We Did It!

We made our Kickstarter goalWasp-Men From Mars! is happening!

I want to thank everyone who contributed to the campaign, as well as the Wasp-Men crew members who have helped out and all the fans who spent the past couple weeks posting about the movie on Twitter and Facebook. I can’t tell you how indebted I am to each and every one of you.

I’m gonna take a break and relax for a few days (Kickstarter is hard work!) and then get back to preproduction. Our plan is to shoot the film this summer and have it ready to send out to film festivals in November. That’s also when we plan on sending out the rewards.

Thank you all again. This movie is happening because of you. You’re amazing.

(Yes, I was lazy and copied this from an existing Kickstarter update.)

New Rewards!

We’ve introduced some new rewards for our Kickstarter, including t-shirts!


You’ve asked for them, now we’re offering them — we’ve added new reward tiers for Wasp-Men From Mars! t-shirts, featuring the cool teaser poster illustration:

$75 – T-SHIRT! Get a Wasp-Men T-shirt, plus HD download, wallpapers, postcard, and a “Thank You” online and in the film credits. (Please note that the DVD and Blu-Ray is NOT included.)

$125 – ULTIMATE FAN PACK! – Get a Wasp-Men T-shirt, poster (your choice of autographed or non-autographed), DVD or Blu-Ray (your choice), HD download, desktop wallpaper, postcard, and Thank Yous on Twitter and in the film credits.

$180 – SKYPE + T-SHIRT. Get all of the rewards available at the existing $150/Skype reward tier, but now with a t-shirt.

If you’ve selected one of the $200 or $400 Party Packages, you can add a t-shirt to your reward by adding $40 to your contribution. After you adjust your contribution, please send us a message via Kickstarter that you want a t-shirt added to your reward.

If you selected one of the $500+ rewards, then we’ll throw in a t-shirt for free.


Everyone who contributes, from $1 on up, gets a free wallpaper for their mobile phone and/or tablet featuring the teaser poster illustration.

And we want to see how good the wallpaper looks on your device. Tweet a screen capture with the hashtag #WaspMenWallpaper and we’ll retweet it for all our followers to see.


We’re planning to make multiple Wasp-Men costumes for the film, and now we’re offering a second costume to one lucky contributor for only $1500! It will be one of the full-body rubber monster costumes made by our FX costume and makeup artist, Julian Bonfiglio, who made it all the way to the final 4 on the latest season of Syfy’s Face Off. You’ll get all of the lower-level rewards, including a t-shirt.

So head on over to our Kickstarter and check it all out!

Articles and Interviews From Mars!

There have been some great articles about Wasp-Men From Mars! and interviews with writer-director Gerrit Thompson published online over the past few weeks and we thought we’d share them with you:

Alien Bee News – “Wasp-Men From Mars Launches Kickstarter Campaign”

I Wanna Be a Geek – “‘Wasp-Men from Mars’ Brings 50’s Monster Movies to a New Generation”

Sci-Fi Bloggers – “Around the Net (2/23/2015): Petri Men from Down Under!”

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A Kind Voice on Movies interview

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Behind the Scenes of the Kickstarter Video Shoot

The Wasp-Men From Mars! Kickstarter video was shot at John McLaren park in San Francisco last September, which tells you how long this Kickstarter has been in the works. It’s the work of many hardworking crew members and one director who’s very awkward on camera. Here’s are some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot taken by producer Tora Chung.

Fake Wasp-Man John Paul Montgomery getting snazzed up.
A close-up of a Fake Wasp-Man's wings.
A close-up of a Fake Wasp-Man’s wings.
Wasp-Men production designer Van Dyke Roth, who doesn't really look like that, with his Fake Wasp-Men, John Paul Montgomery and Henry Lee.
Wasp-Men production designer Van Dyke Roth, who doesn’t really look like that, with his Fake Wasp-Men, John Paul Montgomery and Henry Lee.
Wasp-Men writer-director Gerrit Thompson.
Wasp-Men writer-director Gerrit Thompson.
DP Kevin Jones shows off a dolly move to Gerrit.
DP Kevin Jones shows off a dolly move to Gerrit.
Gerrit directing Toni Maddocks.
Gerrit directing Toni Maddocks.
The director and the Fake Wasp-Men.
Day-for-night color grading.
Day-for-night color grading.

To check out the video, go to our Kickstarter page.

50’s Sci-Fi Superfan Joe Sikoryak on Wasp-Men

You might love 50’s sci-fi, but you don’t love 50’s sci-fi as much as Joe Sikoryak loves 50’s sci-fi. In this interview, the title designer and sci-fi consultant for Wasp-Men From Mars! talks about how creature features portrayed the fears of 1950’s America and how Wasp-Men fits in this tradition.

Join the fun and help us make Wasp-Men From Mars! Support our Kickstarter, going on now.

Julian Bonfiglio on getting started in special FX makeup

Wasp-Men From Mars! SFX costume and makeup artist Julian Bonfiglio talks about how he got his start in special effects makeup, as well as his most memorable experience.

Julian Bonfiglio is a graduate of Cinema Makeup School and a contestant on season 8 of Syfy’s Face Off. You can follow Julian on Twitter and watch him on Face Off on Tuesdays at 9 PM.

Help Julian and the rest of the Wasp-Men crew make our awesome monsters by supporting our Kickstarter and help spread the word on Twitter and Facebook.