GeekFest Film Festival – Long Beach Comic Expo

We’re ecstatic to announce that Wasp-Men From Mars! has been selected for the GeekFest Film Festival, a traveling festival that programs films for comic book conventions. The first stop will be at the Long Beach Comic Expo in Long Beach, CA.

Wasp-Men will be shown at the Long Beach Convention Center at 1 PM on Sunday, February 18th. Click here for the full festival schedule.

Members of the cast and crew are planning to attend the convention.

We’ll post future GeekFest festival dates as we hear about them.

Scary Cow Film Festival Update

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported Wasp-Men at the Scary Cow Film Festival on Saturday. It was voted as one of the top films at the festival by Scary Cow members. It also received awards for best directing, original score, sound, visual/special effects, and art direction. Thank you to the cast and crew who worked on the film and made something special.

Wasp-Men World Premiere

We’re thrilled to announce that Wasp-Men From Mars! will have its world premiere at 100% Human Film Festival, organized by Bhinneka Cipta Setara, in Jakarta, Indonesia, on September 24th. 100% Human Film Festival focuses on films celebrating diversity, human rights, gender, and SOGIE (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression), and we’re honored that they chose to include our film in their festival. Special effects artist and “Radio Announcer” voice actor Drew Stephens will be representing the film in Jakarta.

Find out more about the screening on the official website.

The Great Gig in the Sky

Today we’re sharing how a key visual effects shot was done.

We have a shot where our lead character, Suzie, sees a meteor flying overhead. (Gee, I wonder if it’s more than just a meteor?) Instead of green-screening it, we decided to do a sky replacement. To do that we shot a low-angle of our actress against a blue sky and then keyed out the sky, which is what you would do with a green or blue screen.

This is original shot. There’s even a bit of the frame for the giant flag we had over the actress for the shot.

The sky has been removed but the frame’s still there.

An early VFX test. The picture now has an aspect ratio of 2.35:1.

And here’s the final shot. Notice that the actress and telescope are now smaller in the frame.

I should note that this effect was done by the very talented Drew Stephens.

And here are some photos to show how it looked on the day of the shoot.

Throwback Thursday: Fight Scene Rehearsal

Even a brief fight scene requires a lot of practice. Accidents can (and do) happen, but you want to take every precaution you can to ensure the actors’ safety and make sure that they never do anything that they’re uncomfortable with.

In this video, filmed earlier this year, fight coordinator Allan Gagner goes through the choreography of our short fight scene with actors Diogo Hausen (James) and Jupiter Collins (Lead Wasp-Man). He shows them how to properly swing and catch a small tree branch, safely tackle a person, throw a fake punch that will look real on camera, and more.